Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am amazed at some of the crap that is currently floating around the web and on TV. The Democrats and the MSM are going crazy and attacking Gov. Palin about here son and her pregnant daughter, but they go even further to say that she shouldn't be running for VP because she should be home taking care of her family. This is outrageous and I can't believe that anyone would have the stones to say such a thing. If a Republican said something like that they would be crucified in the press and we would never hear the end of it, but the NYT gets a free pass.

I don't know if I am going to make it to November because this is too crazy for words. I might have to turn off my TV and stop reading the news. This country has an easy choice to make now that all the players are known and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who will be the lesser of two evils. Obama is all show and no go. He makes a lot of empty promises and has nothing to point to to prove that he can deliver. On the other hand, you have McCain, who has made tough choices to get things done and has paid a heavy price for some of them, but has delivered more times than not.

I would like to see real change in Washington, but that isn't going to happen during this election, so I am going with the best available. Maybe the American public will see that electing the same career politicians time and time again isn't going to bring about change. You need to break away from more of the same and hot air. You need to look for people that don't want to make Congress the last job they will ever hold. You need some one that remembers what the federal government was supposed to be for and governs least. A government that isn't constantly finding new ways to spend my money. I government that doesn't constantly waste our time and resources arguing about stuff that it shouldn't be involved in. I say why did they spend months debating CAFE standards when they should have been worry about other more important issues. The car companies will build more fuel efficient cars because that we be the only ones people buy. You don't need the government to waste time and money legislating that.

I hope that this election cycle has shown you that you have to change the way that you think about Washington and it isn't whether Democrats or Republicans win in November because it makes no difference either way. One group will speed the decline faster than the other, but both are about staying in office and wasting our money.

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