Tuesday, August 26, 2008

US and the Bear

I've been saying it ever since the Bear made its way into Georgia that things were going to get a lot worse. The Bear has now claimed that the two providences are independent and I am sure that next they will call for Russian protection and leadership. The US is going to make some noise, but in the end nothing will come of this aggression other than scaring the crap out of other former USSR countries. It is sad that the New Russia is the same as the USSR, except they now have Europe by the economic balls.

If you truly believe that anyone in Europe is going to do anything to the Bear, you my friends are sadly mistaken. As seen in the NATO announcement and all the appeasement of the Bear, they are going to walk softly because it gets cold in January with no natural gas. I would like to believe that we would kick them out of stuff and make an example of how this won't be tolerated, but the sad truth is that they will still be on the UN Security Counsel with us and probably in the G8 when all is said and done. We will look like the pansies that we are and don't think that the rest of the world isn't watching. We are going to find that all those that thought they could count on the US for protection are going to see that we are the same pansies that allow the USSR to take over Eastern Europe in the first place.

Do I have any real answers to this dilemma, no. We are in no position to do a damn thing about it and we better start building some more missile defense systems because that is the only thing that is going to protect us in the end. We might also want to think about tightening our borders and drilling for more oil because soon we will be an island unto ourselves with very few if any friends. I know this all sound very negative, but lets be honest do you really believe things are going to get better with the Bear and Iran as friends with no restraint? Let me hear what you think.

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