Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The Navy has stepped in it this time and is following in our sister services footsteps. I just saw the real reason the DDG 1000 is being cut and it is only partially due to rising costs. The cost need to rise to make the ship work as advertised because currently they are not doing so. They can't provide area defense and they can't defend themselves either. This is what happens when you let people that should not be in charge of buying toys, buy toys. The Navy Admirals got the same pie in the sky pixie dust in there noses as the AF generals.

Guys, you need wake up and smell the reality. Prioritize the things you really need and then go out and buy that and don't keep going back and updating the first ships of the class because it doesn't work (San Antonio). Once you start getting the new ships and there are improvements that can be made then once again prioritize and buy what you need. Proven technology is always easier to add on than stuff that has to be developed as you go because development never goes as planned. There are some things that are worth developing, but there should be a good idea cut off point and after that you get what you got. You can always go back to the well and upgrade future versions based on proven platforms (688 to 688i).

I apologize to the AF for accusing them of chasing after shinier and better when some of our Admirals are guilt of the same.

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