Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mexican Protest

Oh my, the Mexican government and the World Court are all pissy that we executed a rapist and murderer of two young girls. This individual committed a capital offense in the state of Texas and was tried in that state and was sentenced to death. There was and still is and appeal process that the individual made full use of, but failed to convince anyone that he was not responsible for the crime. The Supreme Court even heard his arguments and was unconvinced that he should not be executed for his crimes.

I know that this seems hard hearted that the criminal didn't ask for his government to step in on his behave until after he was convicted and sentenced to death, but they did step in but they didn't have a leg to stand on. Much like our government not wanting that kid to be caned a few years back, but if you are willing to do the crime in whatever country you are in then you must be willing to suffer the punishment the state/country is going to dish out. I am sure that it was no mystery to anyone that Texas has a death penalty and exercises it often.

The low life POS and his friends kidnapped and repeatedly raped two young girls and then beat and strangled them. There was no question that this POS deserved his punishment, so if you don't want your citizens to suffer the ultimate penalty tell them not to come to this country and while they are here not to rape and kill people. It is pretty plain and simple. If an American goes to another country and pulls the same crap then they should stand the heck by because after a fair trail there is going to be a hanging then don't do go and don't do the crime.

If you disagree lets here it. I probably won't be listening when it comes down to capital punishment as a deterrent or not; because the POS in question will never rape and murder anyone ever again.

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