Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia and Russia

This isn't going to end well for the Georgians or the US because the Russians are thumbing their collective noses at the West. The know that the EU will sit this one out because the Russians hold the tap on a huge portion of the EU's oil and gas. That just leaves the US and what are we really going to do? Of course as I have been saying for some time now that Israel isn't going to wait forever to bomb Iran, so why not really get things going in the region.

The US is going to lose a lot of international clout over Georgia because we are going to stomp our feet and make a lot of noise, but in the end the Russians will have annexed Georgia. We will not be respected and feared by our enemies around the world because they will see that we will do nothing when push comes to shove with the Russians. This will ensure that Israel takes it to Iran because we can't be counted on to protect them. This is going to cause things to really get ugly.

The Russians and Iranians have already brought the question of Israel's nuclear weapons into play and if you haven't read Joel C. Rosenberg's books they will attempt to force Israel to disarm and when political pressure doesn't work then military force will be in order. The scary part is that the pieces are falling into place very rapidly, so don't be surprised if Israeli war planes aren't headed East in the very near future. I still have the 29th of October, but that might be pushing it because of the annex of Georgia. Anyone have any other thoughts? How about a date for the pool on the Israeli attack on Iran?

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