Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Obama's opponent John McCain has smartly opposed a tax on oil company profits — and Obama has promptly attacked him for it. But McCain isn't much better. McCain has proposed an equally ridiculous "gas tax holiday," which will also do almost nothing to provide relief at the pump. Obama has smartly opposed the idea — and McCain has promptly attacked him for it.

Economic ignorance is nothing new in politics. Neither is the idea that a candidate would perpetuate economic idiocy he knows to be false because it plays into the narrative he's pitching to the voters. But no issue seems to prompt more jaw-dropping sophistry and anti-capitalist demagoguery than gas prices.

Unfortunately, this isn't likely to end anytime soon. Pandering to voters by making impossible promises and vilifying faceless speculators is quite a bit easier than explaining to the American people that sometimes, sometimes, they're going to face problems that can't — and shouldn't — be fixed by politicians. By Radley Balko Fox News

Once again, we see why our futures cannot be left up to the politicians in Washington regardless of party. The Democrats are offering nothing other than more taxes, which has never solved a thing. The Republicans are pushing hard for drilling, which will help but doesn't really solve the underlying problem of oil dependency. We need to push ourselves back from the oil banquet and start feasting on something new. We do need to remove incentives from the oil companies, but we sure don't need to lay on new taxes, which will immediately show up at the pump as higher prices. We need to move that incentive money to alternative energy development, such nuclear, wind, solar, bio (non-food based), wave, etc.

People are smart enough to know how much driving they can afford and will continue to make changes until it becomes a matter of food or gas, then things will really get ugly. We are not to far away from that now, so the best thing our government can do is move away from food based bio and allow for more production of domestic oil. This would shock the system in motion and maybe stabilize things long enough for alternative energies to making a difference. It is going to take at least a couple of years before we can build enough nuclear power plants or hydrogen filling stations to make a real difference, but we need to get started now or they never will.

I know I have said it here time and time again, but people we have to force our government to do what is best for us and not for themselves and special interests. I am not anti-farmers, but food based bio is a really bad idea. Corn and Soy are more important in the food market than the gas tank. Plus, now that we have created a world wide food crisis the farmers should have no problem selling there products at a reasonable price. If you have something to say on this matter lets hear it.

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