Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Government

Today's news provides us with perfect examples of why we need a fundamental change in our government today. As the Navy tries to get more bang for its buck by stop wasting money on the Zumwalt Destroyer and buy more proven Burkes the Senate wants an investigation. The Senate feels that the Navy is being too hasty to cut their losses on the newer Destroyer. They are only concerned with their electability and making sure that their voters back home know that they wasted your tax dollars to support them.

I am all for the Senate getting egg splatter all over their faces because of the poor management of the ship builders in their districts. The Navy will gladly welcome the inquiry and show these busy-bodies that at 100% cost overruns that the newer ships are just not worth it. The Senators can than justify to the rest of us why we should support such poor managed companies with our tax dollars. I say let the free market rule. If a company does a good job and meets the requirements then they deserve to do business with the government, but if they can't then they don't get my tax dollar to waste.

Then you have the on-going squabbling on differing energy bills. The Democrats now want to open the tap on the Strategic Reserve when it is most likely to be needed in the very near future. They claim that it would cause gas prices to drop rapidly and everyone could then link arms and sing Kumbya. The Republicans are having nothing to do with this and are pushing to open areas for drilling. I am all for this idea, but the end result is that nothing gets done and they get to go on a five week vacation. I sure hope they enjoy their time off, while the country sits and waits for them to eventually do something about this country's future. Then again maybe it is a good thing that they don't actually accomplish some of their dumb ideas and give the rest of us a break from the constant stream of stupidity flowing out of Washington.

The dumbest idea of the day award goes to Ellen Ratner a Fox Contributor for wanting to nationalize our oil production and alternative energies. This has to be the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time, thinking that putting politicians in charge of our energy future will solve the current issues. They can't get of the ball and figure out whether the surge worked or not in Iraq. Do you really want these same bozos in charge of supplying your house with electricity? She claims that it works for the countries in the Middle East, yeah, that is where I want to take my lead from where there is a rich few and mass poverty for the rest.

Then again, we seem to be headed in the direction according to the Democrats anyway, so why not speed the process along. Why not allow the market to work and once the oil companies start losing huge amounts of money to alternative fuels they will hop on the bandwagon or be passed by. I am 100% behind removing the oil company planned incentives and shifting them to alternative fuels. I also don't give a rat's butt about T. Boone Pickens making money from the wind. I am also all for natural gas powered cars that can be filled up at home from a tap off the residential line. I love the idea that some one is actually doing something shift us away from foreign oil, it is just too bad that our government is too self-serving to get off their collective butts and join in the fun. If you don't agree with me let me hear it or even you do agree let me hear it.

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