Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama Leader?

Once again Obama is crying foul over something that as a presidential candidate he should come to understand and ever expect. People are going to make fun of the campaign in general and him in particular. The New Yorker is a high brow magazine that was making fun of all the rumors about Obama, but with all satire there is a hint of truth. Obama's protesting the cover only drives the point of truth home, people are unsure of him and his wife. I don't think Obama would burn a flag or the his wife would be toting an AK-47, but there are serious (not so serious) concerns about his history with religion and the militant views which he and his wife were exposed to during his twenty years with Rev. Wright.

I am not sure that Obama is going to shake these feelings of uneasiness that Americans are having routinely. The fact that he pads his resume and has no experience are real core issues that have really to be brought to the light of public discourse. He has enough issues regularly that the current tactic of pouting about people making fun of him isn't going to carry him through to November. The Republican machine hasn't really got started yet and things are already pretty ugly for Obama just from the Clinton machine. If you are going to be President then you need to grow some thick skin and prove who you are by taking a stand on something. Obama has even flip-flopped on the Iraq war, so his Presidential look and feel has some tarnish.

Sen. Obama if you want to impress the American public, try taking a stand right or wrong and show that you have some backbone. If you think we should be out of Iraq and you think there should be a timeline, then get some heads together and come up with a good one vice vacillating. Be a leader. Right or wrong the American public needs a leader that reminds us of why America is the best place in the world to live. I'm sorry if you don't believe this, but there are plenty of us who do. If you don't agree with me let me hear it.

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