Wednesday, July 23, 2008

F-22 the AF's Seawolf

The F-22 is an amazing plane and has some super crazy abilities to shoot down other airplanes, but just like the mighty Seawolf it has fallen into the crack of history. The Seawolf was a leap ahead in its abilities, but they were at such a high cost that the Navy reluctantly had to step back and lose some capabilities and produced the Virginia, which is a good submarine. This step back has allowed the Navy to push for more subs and has shown a maturity in ship building that had not been seen to this point. We have been steadily cutting costs and building subs faster and faster. This has opened the door to building even more of these very capable submarines.

The AF should let go of their desire for the shiniest toy in the box and focus on building the best Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) they can. They need to pour their energies into producing that plane cost effectively and ahead of schedule. This would show the powers to be that they can put their crap in one sock and do something right for a change. Sitting around and blaming defense contractors has never fixed a single problem, it requires oversight and control. The AF and the rest of the Navy should take a cue from the submarine force on doing it right.

I know that it is hard for anyone to let go of the best and have to settle for good enough, but if you don't see the writing on the wall you will get nothing. That isn't to say that the Virginia is a bad submarine because it is a really good one, but lacks certain whiz-bang capabilities. Big Navy has seen the light on the newer and bigger DDG and they are letting that go to get more Burke class DDGs, which can do the job at have the price. AF come on over and see how mature people handle their problems, grow up and let go of the shiniest toy in the box. JSF will be a very good airplane and will be more than capable of handling the job, plus it will have lots of support and if you play you cards right you might get a lot of them.

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