Friday, July 18, 2008

The End Is Near

As I work daily to keep my mind from exploding from all the stupidity that surrounds me, I constantly find new and interesting things that blow my mind. Like the Air Force and its luxury pods for VIPs. This doesn't sit well with me since I made the trip for Ft. Jackson, SC all the way to Baghdad, Iraq in a C-130 with troop seats. I understand that my butt is not as precious as some General or Politician, but $7.6 million seems a high price to pay and especially if it is coming out of GWOT funds. I am not denying that the candy asses of this world need a nice seat, but take it from their budget and not from the money to fight the GWOT.

Another clear sign that the end is near is that Obama is over visiting Iraq today. I guess that he need to actually visit the place before he pulls the troops out in 16 months. Lucky for him the surge troops, which he opposed, have done their job. The country is well on its way to taking care of its own, except for the fact they will still need heavy US support in the areas of logistics and training for many years to come. Obama will claim credit for being able to implement his play to end the war in Iraq and the Iraqis seem ready to hand him the hard earned prize.

The next thing on the Horizon is the economic crisis hear at home, which truth be told isn't really there except in the media. Sen. Gramm may have stuck his foot in his mouth, but his facts were correct. We have steady economic growth and though prices are rising, so are wages which are beating inflation. That isn't to say that everything is coming up roses, but the media has a vested interest in souring public opinion on the economy. It is proven that if people think that they are hurting economically then they will vote the incumbent party out of the White House. With the media's help the American public is absolutely positive that the economy is tanking and we need Obama and the Democrats to save us.

The question becomes what are they going to do to boost the economy? Are they going to make more jobs by taxing businesses? Are they going to fix the mortgage crisis by tightening the market? Are they going to solve our current and future energy problems with their hot air promises? I say beware of what you wish for because you might just get it. If you want the Democrats in charge of the economy and our future prosperity then vote them in. If you see this Nation returning to greatness after a tough period then I would side with the Republicans. If you really want to see this government be held responsible for its actions throw out the incumbents and start anew. Vote for people that understand your unhappiness with the current huge government that has become a self-licking ice cream cone of wasted money.

I know that this won't happen and every time the American public votes one group out there is enough leftover poison to ruin the new group. We won't be able to take back the government until we show them we are serious about what is important to us and that the government needs some serious downsizing and put an end to special interest buying their votes. Let your voice be heard and toss the bums out this November and it then next guy/gal is no better than toss them out as well. Who's with me? If you disagree let me hear it. I know that I have said it before, but it requires repeating "Term Limits for all government offices!"

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