Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Better Lucky Than Good

I must begrudgingly give it to Sen. Obama that his whole stance in withdrawal of troops 16 months after taking office is becoming a real possibility. The funny thing is that it has absolutely nothing to do with anything that he has done or supported. He still says he does not support the surge, which is totally illogical, but with all the ground gained in Iraq everyone is talking about bringing the troops home. Sen. McCain needs to see that his victory on the surge is going to be quickly overwhelmed with our victory and if he keeps dragging the debate back to the dark time he is going to lose the debate.

Sen. Obama is already slipping his way to victory on the back of a promise that he can now claim as a huge milestone. He gets to sit back and say "I told you so" and the press will let him. There is no accountability for the truth in the press just the spin. Sen. McCain this is not a fight you are going to win, so focus on getting a really great VP choice and fix the economy. It has been proven time and again that raising taxes does not stimulate the economy. Not having a solid plan for the future is a ticket to further decline. Pres. Reagan had a plan and he worked that plan to make America great again. If you want to get elected give America your vision of how to restore our pride and unity.

Sen. Obama, you are well on your way to the White House, just keep promising things that you can't deliver and get ready to blame the American public when things get worse under your tax and spend policies. You aren't likely to get a second term, so do all your damage early before anyone catches on and tries to stop you. 2010 could be a true turning point in this country because people will see that you and your party will have driven this country into the dirt and toss them out on their butts and hopefully, they will be smart enough then to not just put other career politicians in their place. In 1992, the mistake of the American public was that when they tossed the bums out, they didn't hold the new guys accountable for their promises. This resulted in more of the same just a different party symbol at the top.

In 2006, the American public spoke again, but once again they put career politicians in office and what resulted was more of the same. In 2010 lets hope that we have learned our lesson and get the career politicians and their special interest groups out of DC. Let's force our elected officials to have our best interest at heart and not their pocketbooks. If you don't agree with me let hear it.


  1. Very well said SS, Unfortunatly I did not see the need to go to visit Obama when he was here the other day! Would rather sleep or do other things than get lied to, hell I can get that at work. BTW, greeting from Kuwait

    Fellow SS sends!

  2. I would not cross the street to hear his lies. I hope you are staying cool and in out of the sun because it can warp the mind.