Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alternative Energy

I am pleased to see that there are people out there finding new sources of energy and energy applications. I don't care if T. Boone Pickens is going to make his next fortune on the power of the wind, but I do care that he is at least going to try. I say that he is doing more than those elected officials in DC are doing to move this country forward. I don't see them lining up to make our future better.

I also see that California is doing their part by putting solar panels on the roofs of businesses. This is a great idea and every business should be required to participate and as an incentive they should get their energy for free as well as selling back the excess. Now, how many companies would refuse to lower their costs and make a little profit off their roofs. There could be some sort of a deal between the solar panel supply company and the business to split profits to pay for the systems. I know that I am talking legislating common sense, but you have to make something financially viable before companies are going to sign on.

There is also a move afoot to build solar chimneys to produce electricity from ground heating in the desert southwest. Another great idea whose time has definitely come. The sunny and windy southwest could power the nation, but what of those poor suckers in the Northeast. I say water power in the form of rivers, waves and tides. There are people out there thinking out of the box and we should be helping them develop these crazy ideas. Plus, there is a guy building some wild looking windmills for the urban environment. Lets take the $18 Billion in incentives from the oil companies and see what alternatives we can buy with that kind of money.

How about some hydrogen filling stations and fuel cell technology. Take that incentive money and build hydrogen infrastructure and improve hydrogen production technology. They say using waste steam from nuclear plants or solar power to crack water to produce hydrogen are too out there to be thought of right now. But I say why wait, we have the technology today to crack water into hydrogen with enough electricity, so why not work on making this more efficient or simpler.

People, we can not wait for Washington to pull its collective heads out of their butts and plan for the future. They are being well paid to maintain the status quo for the special interests. The Eco-Nazi for the Democrats and the oil companies for the Republicans, so don't expect any help from them. This may have to start at the local and state level and then force Washington to come around. The other way is to toss the current money grubbers out and start over, but that doesn't guarantee that the new guy will be any better. The good thing with that is you could toss him out in two years, so eventually we would be able to take back the Congress. The Senate would take longer, but they would get the point pretty quick.

So lets all join together and sing kumbaya or we can take back this country from special interests and start finding real solutions for the future of this still great nation.

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