Friday, July 25, 2008

AF Why?

I have to ask why the AF insists on stepping on it's member at every turn. It is amazing to me that anyone at Minot would even think about not doing it 100% right all the time. To have three guys sack out with the coding equipment is totally unacceptable, especially when you know that the heat is on. I think the government should roll the AF back into the Army and call it a failed experiment. The AF is proving time and time again that they are not a true military branch. The country is at war and they are spending money on comfort capsules.

Just think of the brass that could be cleaned out and the money saved on paying a bunch of generals that obviously don't get the big picture. When the Sec Def tells you he wants more recon assets in the air over the battlefield and you decide that you could careless and go around him to get more super cool airplanes, that aren't even in the fight, from Congress. You deserve not only to be fired but to lose your place at the table as an organization. The Army Air Corp would once again work with the ground pounders to provide coordinated support in the war effort, vice working against them. The Joint Staff should seriously think about returning the AF back to where it came from. I am sure that the Army would like to have sustained support from the air and reliable transportation across the battlefield.

If you have any doubt about the loss of big picture by the AF at all levels, you just need to visit Balad, Iraq. The AF personnel walk around the base in PT gear and with no weapons. It is just a jaunt to the desert for them and not a war zone. I know that there are many of my warrior brothers in blue that would be opposed to this plan, but if they looked deep in their hearts they would see that I am right on this. Let's hear it from all quarters, should the AF revert back to the Army.

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