Thursday, July 31, 2008

Navy Keeping It Real II

As you might have seen the Navy fired a couple of O-6's over the fire on the GW. This is typical Navy fashion and I applaud the back bone of Pac Fleet. I know that there are people out there that think the CO/XO are not responsible for some guys smoking next to flammable materials in the Engine room, but I have to beg to differ. When was the last time the CO or XO spent anytime in the Engine room? How often did the Engineer make rounds in his space and report the goings on to the Skipper? How about the senior enlisted leadership, were they not trained to find and correct safety hazards? What about all the other officers in the wardroom, were they not trained to find and correct safety hazards? All I can say as obviously not and that is the CO/XO's job. I can see the point that they may not have personally seen the hazard, but that still doesn't let them off the hook because they are responsible for training others do spot the hazard. I also have a hard time believing that this was an isolated incident or that this was a short term issue.

AF and Army are you taking notes. This is a very bad thing, but the legs on it are very short. If you don't agree that this was the right thing to do let me hear it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jon Voight on Obama

The Washington Times had a very interesting Op Ed piece from Jon Voight on how Sen. Obama and his radical friends are going to take America to a very bad place. I do agree with Mr. Voight that Sen. Obama has spent his adult life hanging out with the wrong crowd of anti-American people. Mr. Voight rightly praises our troops for the great work they are doing under incredibly harsh conditions. If you have the time, it is a good read and the comments run the gamut of right and left. You can decide if you want the next President of the United States to come from a background of Anti-Americanism or a decorated war hero that has devoted his adult life to serving this country.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Navy Keeping It Real

The skipper of the San Diego-based amphibious landing-dock ship Pearl Harbor has lost his job after his vessel ran aground last week in the Persian Gulf, Navy officials said yesterday.
Cmdr. Xavier Valverde, 44, has been reassigned to the staff of the Naval Forces Central Command in Bahrain while the July 21 incident is investigated. The Pearl Harbor apparently hit a shoal while conducting a well-deck drill off Kuwait, a Navy spokeswoman said. The ship backed off the sand bar without sustaining damage. Valverde, a 26-year Navy veteran, had taken command of the Pearl Harbor in November. Rear Adm. Kendall Card, commander of Expeditionary Strike Group 3, demoted him last weekend.

The Navy has a long tradition of letting the blood flow whenever something bad happens. The Army and Air Force should take note. The AF could have quieted things down over Minot by slaying everyone in sight and then rebuilding, vice letting it drag on for weeks and then only cutting a few throats. The Army could have done the same with the Abu Grab thing, but chose to let the press continue to have a field day even up to today. This is one of the fine Navy traditions that the other branches have failed to grasp, but it works well to make the press go away.

If a skipper puts his ship or crew in danger the boss says that is it and off with their head. The press gets no chance at traction because there is no one left to blame. If the snap judgement is wrong then things are put to right, but that is never noticed by the press or anyone else. The press loves a scandal and will pursue it as long as there is someone up the chain to blame, but you take the wind out of their sails when you fire an O-5 or O-6 for an incident. If the Army had immediately fired the commander at Abu Grab the story would have faded rather quickly, but instead they laid the blame on some low ranking soldier, the story will never die and has lead to all kinds of conspiracy theories.

If you think this is draconian way of doing business and don't agree with me lets hear it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

AF Why?

I have to ask why the AF insists on stepping on it's member at every turn. It is amazing to me that anyone at Minot would even think about not doing it 100% right all the time. To have three guys sack out with the coding equipment is totally unacceptable, especially when you know that the heat is on. I think the government should roll the AF back into the Army and call it a failed experiment. The AF is proving time and time again that they are not a true military branch. The country is at war and they are spending money on comfort capsules.

Just think of the brass that could be cleaned out and the money saved on paying a bunch of generals that obviously don't get the big picture. When the Sec Def tells you he wants more recon assets in the air over the battlefield and you decide that you could careless and go around him to get more super cool airplanes, that aren't even in the fight, from Congress. You deserve not only to be fired but to lose your place at the table as an organization. The Army Air Corp would once again work with the ground pounders to provide coordinated support in the war effort, vice working against them. The Joint Staff should seriously think about returning the AF back to where it came from. I am sure that the Army would like to have sustained support from the air and reliable transportation across the battlefield.

If you have any doubt about the loss of big picture by the AF at all levels, you just need to visit Balad, Iraq. The AF personnel walk around the base in PT gear and with no weapons. It is just a jaunt to the desert for them and not a war zone. I know that there are many of my warrior brothers in blue that would be opposed to this plan, but if they looked deep in their hearts they would see that I am right on this. Let's hear it from all quarters, should the AF revert back to the Army.

Our Government

Today's news provides us with perfect examples of why we need a fundamental change in our government today. As the Navy tries to get more bang for its buck by stop wasting money on the Zumwalt Destroyer and buy more proven Burkes the Senate wants an investigation. The Senate feels that the Navy is being too hasty to cut their losses on the newer Destroyer. They are only concerned with their electability and making sure that their voters back home know that they wasted your tax dollars to support them.

I am all for the Senate getting egg splatter all over their faces because of the poor management of the ship builders in their districts. The Navy will gladly welcome the inquiry and show these busy-bodies that at 100% cost overruns that the newer ships are just not worth it. The Senators can than justify to the rest of us why we should support such poor managed companies with our tax dollars. I say let the free market rule. If a company does a good job and meets the requirements then they deserve to do business with the government, but if they can't then they don't get my tax dollar to waste.

Then you have the on-going squabbling on differing energy bills. The Democrats now want to open the tap on the Strategic Reserve when it is most likely to be needed in the very near future. They claim that it would cause gas prices to drop rapidly and everyone could then link arms and sing Kumbya. The Republicans are having nothing to do with this and are pushing to open areas for drilling. I am all for this idea, but the end result is that nothing gets done and they get to go on a five week vacation. I sure hope they enjoy their time off, while the country sits and waits for them to eventually do something about this country's future. Then again maybe it is a good thing that they don't actually accomplish some of their dumb ideas and give the rest of us a break from the constant stream of stupidity flowing out of Washington.

The dumbest idea of the day award goes to Ellen Ratner a Fox Contributor for wanting to nationalize our oil production and alternative energies. This has to be the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time, thinking that putting politicians in charge of our energy future will solve the current issues. They can't get of the ball and figure out whether the surge worked or not in Iraq. Do you really want these same bozos in charge of supplying your house with electricity? She claims that it works for the countries in the Middle East, yeah, that is where I want to take my lead from where there is a rich few and mass poverty for the rest.

Then again, we seem to be headed in the direction according to the Democrats anyway, so why not speed the process along. Why not allow the market to work and once the oil companies start losing huge amounts of money to alternative fuels they will hop on the bandwagon or be passed by. I am 100% behind removing the oil company planned incentives and shifting them to alternative fuels. I also don't give a rat's butt about T. Boone Pickens making money from the wind. I am also all for natural gas powered cars that can be filled up at home from a tap off the residential line. I love the idea that some one is actually doing something shift us away from foreign oil, it is just too bad that our government is too self-serving to get off their collective butts and join in the fun. If you don't agree with me let me hear it or even you do agree let me hear it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Better Lucky Than Good

I must begrudgingly give it to Sen. Obama that his whole stance in withdrawal of troops 16 months after taking office is becoming a real possibility. The funny thing is that it has absolutely nothing to do with anything that he has done or supported. He still says he does not support the surge, which is totally illogical, but with all the ground gained in Iraq everyone is talking about bringing the troops home. Sen. McCain needs to see that his victory on the surge is going to be quickly overwhelmed with our victory and if he keeps dragging the debate back to the dark time he is going to lose the debate.

Sen. Obama is already slipping his way to victory on the back of a promise that he can now claim as a huge milestone. He gets to sit back and say "I told you so" and the press will let him. There is no accountability for the truth in the press just the spin. Sen. McCain this is not a fight you are going to win, so focus on getting a really great VP choice and fix the economy. It has been proven time and again that raising taxes does not stimulate the economy. Not having a solid plan for the future is a ticket to further decline. Pres. Reagan had a plan and he worked that plan to make America great again. If you want to get elected give America your vision of how to restore our pride and unity.

Sen. Obama, you are well on your way to the White House, just keep promising things that you can't deliver and get ready to blame the American public when things get worse under your tax and spend policies. You aren't likely to get a second term, so do all your damage early before anyone catches on and tries to stop you. 2010 could be a true turning point in this country because people will see that you and your party will have driven this country into the dirt and toss them out on their butts and hopefully, they will be smart enough then to not just put other career politicians in their place. In 1992, the mistake of the American public was that when they tossed the bums out, they didn't hold the new guys accountable for their promises. This resulted in more of the same just a different party symbol at the top.

In 2006, the American public spoke again, but once again they put career politicians in office and what resulted was more of the same. In 2010 lets hope that we have learned our lesson and get the career politicians and their special interest groups out of DC. Let's force our elected officials to have our best interest at heart and not their pocketbooks. If you don't agree with me let hear it.

F-22 the AF's Seawolf

The F-22 is an amazing plane and has some super crazy abilities to shoot down other airplanes, but just like the mighty Seawolf it has fallen into the crack of history. The Seawolf was a leap ahead in its abilities, but they were at such a high cost that the Navy reluctantly had to step back and lose some capabilities and produced the Virginia, which is a good submarine. This step back has allowed the Navy to push for more subs and has shown a maturity in ship building that had not been seen to this point. We have been steadily cutting costs and building subs faster and faster. This has opened the door to building even more of these very capable submarines.

The AF should let go of their desire for the shiniest toy in the box and focus on building the best Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) they can. They need to pour their energies into producing that plane cost effectively and ahead of schedule. This would show the powers to be that they can put their crap in one sock and do something right for a change. Sitting around and blaming defense contractors has never fixed a single problem, it requires oversight and control. The AF and the rest of the Navy should take a cue from the submarine force on doing it right.

I know that it is hard for anyone to let go of the best and have to settle for good enough, but if you don't see the writing on the wall you will get nothing. That isn't to say that the Virginia is a bad submarine because it is a really good one, but lacks certain whiz-bang capabilities. Big Navy has seen the light on the newer and bigger DDG and they are letting that go to get more Burke class DDGs, which can do the job at have the price. AF come on over and see how mature people handle their problems, grow up and let go of the shiniest toy in the box. JSF will be a very good airplane and will be more than capable of handling the job, plus it will have lots of support and if you play you cards right you might get a lot of them.

Navy Plans To Scrap New Destroyer Model

By Associated PressThe Navy has decided to scrap its newest destroyer model after the first two are built in shipyards in Maine and Mississippi, Sen. Susan Collins said Tuesday.
Sen. Collins, a Maine Republican, said Navy Secretary Donald Winter called her to tell her the outcome of a meeting of top brass regarding the future of the DDG-1000 Zumwalt destroyer.
Critics say the Zumwalt is too expensive for the Navy to achieve its goal of a 313-ship fleet.
The Navy has been debating whether to build more of the current, and less expensive, Arleigh Burke destroyers. A spokesperson for the Pentagon said it would have no immediate comment on its plans.
The Zumwalt was conceived as a stealth warship with massive firepower to pave the way for Marines to make their way ashore. It features advanced technology, composite materials, an unconventional wave-piercing hull and a smaller crew.
But the warship displaces 14,500 tons, making it 50% larger than Arleigh Burke destroyers. And each of the warships will cost twice the $1.3 billion that Arleigh Burkes cost.
Maine's Bath Iron Works, a General Dynamics Corp. subsidiary, is building one of the ships. Northrop Grumman Corp.'s Ingalls shipyard in Mississippi is building the other.
The Senate has authorized funding for the third of what was supposed to be seven ships. But the House has balked at funding that ship, which would have been built in Bath.
Sen. Collins, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the Navy review of the Zumwalt was triggered by a decision by the committee's House counterpart to reject funding for the third ship.

It is a shame, but it was bound to happen in the world of shrinking budgets and cost overruns. We will keep building ships, but they won't be getting all the neat bells and whistles. The really loser in this are the Marines that will be hitting the beach without Naval Gunfire Support. The good news is that submarines built in Groton are being completed early and under cost, so we might luck into extra building. The sad news is that Newport News hasn't gotten the memo on doing things right and keeping costs under control.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The End Is Near

As I work daily to keep my mind from exploding from all the stupidity that surrounds me, I constantly find new and interesting things that blow my mind. Like the Air Force and its luxury pods for VIPs. This doesn't sit well with me since I made the trip for Ft. Jackson, SC all the way to Baghdad, Iraq in a C-130 with troop seats. I understand that my butt is not as precious as some General or Politician, but $7.6 million seems a high price to pay and especially if it is coming out of GWOT funds. I am not denying that the candy asses of this world need a nice seat, but take it from their budget and not from the money to fight the GWOT.

Another clear sign that the end is near is that Obama is over visiting Iraq today. I guess that he need to actually visit the place before he pulls the troops out in 16 months. Lucky for him the surge troops, which he opposed, have done their job. The country is well on its way to taking care of its own, except for the fact they will still need heavy US support in the areas of logistics and training for many years to come. Obama will claim credit for being able to implement his play to end the war in Iraq and the Iraqis seem ready to hand him the hard earned prize.

The next thing on the Horizon is the economic crisis hear at home, which truth be told isn't really there except in the media. Sen. Gramm may have stuck his foot in his mouth, but his facts were correct. We have steady economic growth and though prices are rising, so are wages which are beating inflation. That isn't to say that everything is coming up roses, but the media has a vested interest in souring public opinion on the economy. It is proven that if people think that they are hurting economically then they will vote the incumbent party out of the White House. With the media's help the American public is absolutely positive that the economy is tanking and we need Obama and the Democrats to save us.

The question becomes what are they going to do to boost the economy? Are they going to make more jobs by taxing businesses? Are they going to fix the mortgage crisis by tightening the market? Are they going to solve our current and future energy problems with their hot air promises? I say beware of what you wish for because you might just get it. If you want the Democrats in charge of the economy and our future prosperity then vote them in. If you see this Nation returning to greatness after a tough period then I would side with the Republicans. If you really want to see this government be held responsible for its actions throw out the incumbents and start anew. Vote for people that understand your unhappiness with the current huge government that has become a self-licking ice cream cone of wasted money.

I know that this won't happen and every time the American public votes one group out there is enough leftover poison to ruin the new group. We won't be able to take back the government until we show them we are serious about what is important to us and that the government needs some serious downsizing and put an end to special interest buying their votes. Let your voice be heard and toss the bums out this November and it then next guy/gal is no better than toss them out as well. Who's with me? If you disagree let me hear it. I know that I have said it before, but it requires repeating "Term Limits for all government offices!"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alternative Energy

I am pleased to see that there are people out there finding new sources of energy and energy applications. I don't care if T. Boone Pickens is going to make his next fortune on the power of the wind, but I do care that he is at least going to try. I say that he is doing more than those elected officials in DC are doing to move this country forward. I don't see them lining up to make our future better.

I also see that California is doing their part by putting solar panels on the roofs of businesses. This is a great idea and every business should be required to participate and as an incentive they should get their energy for free as well as selling back the excess. Now, how many companies would refuse to lower their costs and make a little profit off their roofs. There could be some sort of a deal between the solar panel supply company and the business to split profits to pay for the systems. I know that I am talking legislating common sense, but you have to make something financially viable before companies are going to sign on.

There is also a move afoot to build solar chimneys to produce electricity from ground heating in the desert southwest. Another great idea whose time has definitely come. The sunny and windy southwest could power the nation, but what of those poor suckers in the Northeast. I say water power in the form of rivers, waves and tides. There are people out there thinking out of the box and we should be helping them develop these crazy ideas. Plus, there is a guy building some wild looking windmills for the urban environment. Lets take the $18 Billion in incentives from the oil companies and see what alternatives we can buy with that kind of money.

How about some hydrogen filling stations and fuel cell technology. Take that incentive money and build hydrogen infrastructure and improve hydrogen production technology. They say using waste steam from nuclear plants or solar power to crack water to produce hydrogen are too out there to be thought of right now. But I say why wait, we have the technology today to crack water into hydrogen with enough electricity, so why not work on making this more efficient or simpler.

People, we can not wait for Washington to pull its collective heads out of their butts and plan for the future. They are being well paid to maintain the status quo for the special interests. The Eco-Nazi for the Democrats and the oil companies for the Republicans, so don't expect any help from them. This may have to start at the local and state level and then force Washington to come around. The other way is to toss the current money grubbers out and start over, but that doesn't guarantee that the new guy will be any better. The good thing with that is you could toss him out in two years, so eventually we would be able to take back the Congress. The Senate would take longer, but they would get the point pretty quick.

So lets all join together and sing kumbaya or we can take back this country from special interests and start finding real solutions for the future of this still great nation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama Leader?

Once again Obama is crying foul over something that as a presidential candidate he should come to understand and ever expect. People are going to make fun of the campaign in general and him in particular. The New Yorker is a high brow magazine that was making fun of all the rumors about Obama, but with all satire there is a hint of truth. Obama's protesting the cover only drives the point of truth home, people are unsure of him and his wife. I don't think Obama would burn a flag or the his wife would be toting an AK-47, but there are serious (not so serious) concerns about his history with religion and the militant views which he and his wife were exposed to during his twenty years with Rev. Wright.

I am not sure that Obama is going to shake these feelings of uneasiness that Americans are having routinely. The fact that he pads his resume and has no experience are real core issues that have really to be brought to the light of public discourse. He has enough issues regularly that the current tactic of pouting about people making fun of him isn't going to carry him through to November. The Republican machine hasn't really got started yet and things are already pretty ugly for Obama just from the Clinton machine. If you are going to be President then you need to grow some thick skin and prove who you are by taking a stand on something. Obama has even flip-flopped on the Iraq war, so his Presidential look and feel has some tarnish.

Sen. Obama if you want to impress the American public, try taking a stand right or wrong and show that you have some backbone. If you think we should be out of Iraq and you think there should be a timeline, then get some heads together and come up with a good one vice vacillating. Be a leader. Right or wrong the American public needs a leader that reminds us of why America is the best place in the world to live. I'm sorry if you don't believe this, but there are plenty of us who do. If you don't agree with me let me hear it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Freedom of Speach

As I was zipping around the news/blogs I saw something that really concerned me about the ability to speak the truth as one sees it. I am not talking hate mongering or out-right lies, but personal view points. We are guaranteed the right to say any dumb thing that comes into our heads as long as it isn't classified or lies. Take Rev. Jackson for example, he wanted to crush Obama's nuts. What is wrong with saying that if that is what you believe and it isn't a lie.

The press is having a field day with it, but why? Who cares? I know that people might feel that they can force people to play nice, but Rev. Jackson is entitled to his opinion. Having the right to say anything doesn't always make it right. Rev. Jackson had every right to express his true feelings, but he was not right to do so because if you are out pushing your agenda, you have to appeal to the greatest audience and try not to offend. This is where Rev. Jackson went wrong and he will suffer the consequences of it. It was only a matter of time before we heard from the Rev. Jackson and I'm sure Rev. Sharpton will be soon to follow.

Enough with the whole controversy get over it already and move on to more important things like when is the bombing going to start. I still have the 29th of October, so get your votes in.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Israeli Air Strike

I want to be the first to start a pool on when the Israelis are going to bomb the crap out of Iran, so here is my prediction, wait for it, October 29th. This is the same date in 1956 when they overran the Sinai and Gaza Strip before being forced out.

If you have any suggested dates lets hear them and why you think that is going to be the day. Wild @$$ guesses are authorized.

I really do think that the attack will happen before election day, so that McCain will win. McCain is a better choice for Israel than Obama, so I would not put it past them to attack in time to sway the election. They also don't want to attack too early as to cause the truly negative ramifications from settling in before the election.

This will cause all he<< to break lose over there and force America to take definitive action to prevent Israel from being wiped off the face of the map. So let join in the fun and pick a day for the end of the world to start. I have the 29th of October, so you will have to pick your own.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Parenting and Drugs

I wasn't sure what I was going to write after this wonderful long 4th of July weekend, but the BBC America dumped a good one on my plate this morning. It was a story about how Pediatricians (Drug Companies) want kids as young as eight to start taking anti-cholesterol medications. This bugs me for two reasons, which I will have to spout off about in my loving way.

First, the drug companies need to find a new market to increase sales since they have already saturated the adult market. In the beginning, the threshold for anti-cholesterol drugs was a combined level of 240, but when sales peeked that level was dropped to 190. That difference opened up additional sales opportunities because what red blooded American is not going to pop a pill pushed by their doctors. This is regardless of the accuracy of testing and the attributable effectiveness of the drugs. I am not saying with all certainty that anti-cholesterol drugs don't work, but they can't prove that they do.

So now that they have duped every adult, the drug companies are looking toward our children for a new income stream. The fact that they can get a random doctor to endorse this misguided policy is no big surprise because doctors are human too. Where is the test data that backs this up? What are the alternatives to pushing even more drugs on our kids? Which leads me to the second thing that chaps my butt about this whole story. Parents what are you doing to help your kids with the non-drug therapy of diet and exercise?

The story reported that 1/3 of all American kids are overweight and that put them at risk for greater complications later in life. The drug companies are pushing the use of medications for children as young as eight, so they can secure an income stream of 70 years at one pill a day. First, parents wake the heck up and help your kids. Help them to lose weight by reducing their calorie intake and work with them to get them to exercise. You buy the food they eat and you buy the games that they play.

Bad parenting is no excuse to give into the drug companies. Do we really think that 50% of some schools have ADHD, while other schools have only 2%? Kids need parents to teach them important stuff like self-control and how to behave. We need to do a better job at home raising our children to be effective members of society and not leaving it to the schools to do. Do we really need the government to raise our children because that is what happens when we don't. They end up in special schools, prison, or dead because they didn't learn appropriate behavior at home.

I know there is a long list as to why parenting is not occurring in the home. There are single parent homes and children having children, but these are just excuses. A child learns and understands boundaries when they are given them consistently. If early on, parents act like parents good or bad they will establish a relationship that will propel the child through its life. You can choose to abdicate this role and the results are currently speaking for themselves. Or you can choose to set rules and enforce them. It is never too late to establish rules and require children to abide by them because this is seen in prison where you follow the rules or be punished.

I am not saying that you need to be a warden, but establish boundaries for your children so that they can lead a full, productive, and drug free life (legal and illegal). If you don't agree with me let me hear it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Next War

It is scary to see that the US, Israel, and Iran are getting ready to go head to head. The saber rattling is getting pretty loud and we all know that it isn't just rattling. It is understandable that Israel has taken offense to the rhetoric coming out of Tehran and is planning to take care of the situation themselves. If anyone can sit there and tell me that this isn't going to turn out badly for all involved I would like to hear it.

The US will have to decide what they are going to do when Israel's jets start flying over Iraq on their way to Iran. Will they shoot them down? I seriously doubt that would happen. Would they scramble our fighters to protect Iraqi airspace from Iranian jets? This seems pretty likely, so that would draw us into the conflict whether we wanted to be or not. Then there is the question of we will respond diplomatically because you know that the UN and EU are going to trip over themselves to condemn Israel and the US.

Then there will be the domestic issues raised here at home as oil prices skyrocket as OPEC sides with Iran and embargoes the US and Israel. We think things are tough now, but wait and see what happens when we are cut-off from Arab oil and must rely on Canada, Mexico? and our own domestic oil. The good news is that with all that we are doing now to conserve and find new sources we should be good to go right? The fact that we have a strategic reserve is of little comfort since it would be quickly exhausted.

We would definitely start rationing not only oil, but just about everything else as well. Plus, we would need to find new sources of cheap consumer goods since China would embargo us as well. I am sure that we would tighten our belts and weather this storm, but things won't be getting any better because our supposed friends in Europe and Russia would take the opportunity to kick us while we are down. They would readily jump on the anti-Israel/US bandwagon and say we have it coming for being so arrogant.

How long before the US economy completely collapses? How long will we hold out against the overwhelming tide of isolation and deprivation? Then there is always the fun and games of retaliatory strikes by Iran and her allies against Israel and the US. Israel will be fighting for its very existence, while the lost of American lives in Iraq would be astronomical as Iran floods the country with conventional and non-conventional forces. There is no telling how the Iraqis are going to react, but it isn't likely to be favorable. Just think about how we would get our troops out of there under constant fire and with little assistance from any other country.

This is a best case scenario because things could go nuclear for a number of different reasons and then things would really get interesting. You might think that I am talking out of my @$$, but this isn't that far fetched and if you don't believe me read "Epicenter" by Joel C. Rosenberg. I am not some end of the world crazy, but this is really scary stuff. The ideas here are my own, but are directly influenced by current world events. When I read Epicenter months ago it seemed like things were much farther off, but now they could be just a few months away.

Joel is a writer and lays out a pretty good version of how he thinks things are going to happen, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that if Israel and Iran go head to head it isn't going to be pretty for the rest of us. If you think I am crazy let me hear it. If you think it is just saber rattling then lets hear that as well.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama Losing the Heartland

The Nation ran a famous series then called "These United States," in which smug emissaries from East Coast cities chronicled the "backward" attitudes of what today would be called fly-over country. One correspondent proclaimed that in "backwoods" New York (i.e. outside the Big Apple): "Resistance to change is their most sacred principle." If that was their attitude to New York, it shouldn't surprise that they felt even worse about the South. One author explained that Dixie needed nothing less than an invasion of liberal "missionaries" so that the "light of civilization" might finally be glimpsed down there. These authors simply assumed, writes intellectual historian Christopher Lasch, that " 'breaking with the past' was the precondition of cultural and political advance." Even today, writes Time's Joe Klein, "This is a chronic disease among Democrats, who tend to talk more about what's wrong with America than what's right."
Echoes of these attitudes can be found in Obama's now infamous explanation that "bitter" working-class rural voters won't embrace him because they "cling" to God, guns and bigotry. But Obama's sometimes messianic rhetoric about "remaking" America — and the explicitly revolutionary aesthetics of his campaign — also rings a bell. "I am absolutely certain," he proclaimed upon clinching the Democratic nomination, "that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." So wait, America never provided care for the sick or good jobs for the jobless until St. Barack arrived? That doesn't sound like the country most Americans think of when they wave their flags on the Fourth of July.

Obama went on to say that he will "remake" the country. Well, what if you don't want it remade? And Michelle Obama — who believes America is "downright mean" and is proud of America for the first time because of her husband's success — insists that Barack will make you "work" for change and that he will "demand that you, too, be different." What if you don't want to work for Obama's change? What if you don't want to be "different"?
By Jonah Goldberg

As we approach the Birthday of our wonderful country, one has to wonder what the Obama bunch wants to turn us into with all this talk of change. I have lived all over this great country and I found much to love and cherish. I take offense when some people see the roots of this nation as backward and unenlightened. This country was founded on some very simple principles found in the Declaration of Independence and I think instead of remaking this country we ought to be looking back and finding what we've lost.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. What is wrong with these inalienable rights endowed by my Creator. Where is the discussion of protecting and enhancing these rights? I work hard and have spent my life protecting these rights. I know a lot of people all across this great land that think these things are pretty important too. Why don't you agree Mr. & Mrs. Obama?

What do the Obamas really want to change? If you haven't been proud of America, the beacon of hope for all the world, until a few months ago, why did you stay and not go to a better country? The answer is there isn't one currently available. President Reagan reminded us of what a great country we actually live in. The Democrats took this country through the gutter in the late 70's with their appeasement ways, but Pres. Reagan brought us out of the dark time and returned our footing to solid ground.

The good thing about this country is any yahoo can have their say, right or wrong. We still fight daily for freedom and prosperity. We are still the beacon of hope for the rest of the world to look to in their time of need. If you think this country needs to be remade then look to Pres. Reagan and not to Pres. Carter. The heart of this country is bigger than any border can contain. We are willing to sacrifice our blood to buy someone else's freedom, but that is mean and wrong. I know that there aren't too many liberals fighting and dying for what they believe in, but I personally know a lot of men and women who are risking their lives everyday to make this world a better place.

So, my final word to the Obama's is don't forget what this country has fought and died for through the years. You want to remake, then America then make it strong and proud. Don't be ashamed of our sacrifices. America, united we stand or divided we fall! God Bless America!

If you don't agree than Canada is taking visa applications next store. Sorry, I had to vent because this is a great country even if the liberals can't see it. We have our warts true enough, but when we work together there is nothing we can't accomplish. We have made mistakes as a nation, but we have always come together to solve them. We need to remember that come November. Let me hear how you feel.