Thursday, June 19, 2008

Term Limits

On another topic all together. I have been wondering for sometime why the President is the only official in Washington to have a Term Limit. For the good of this country, we should seriously look at Term Limits for all the branches of government. This would have a very chilling effect on special interests and out of whack court decisions.

If the defense contractors could no longer count the life long memberships of committees, then their influence on military would be minimized and allow the military to decide what it needs. The fact that the Air Force was able to by-passed the Sec Def and go directly to Congress to buy more airplanes shows how out of whack things have become. The military is already headed by civilians, as it should be, but Congress should not be allowed to bypass that Chain of Command in favor of a defense contractor.

Defense contractors are not the only ones cashing in on the Congressional Kingdoms, can you say bridge to nowhere? Special interests and earmarks stink of corruption. The quickest way to end this is to limit how long someone can suck from the government teat. Our Founding Fathers never intended Government service to be a life long career. It was seen as a hardship that took you away from other duties, but was done in service to your neighbors. The fact that most politicians have not held jobs outside the government for decades has lead them to lose touch with the people they are there to represent. If a guy had to had back into the world after his time in government then maybe he would think twice about how he votes.

I am not limiting the need for Term Limits to just the Congress. The courts need to have them as well. You don't give people jobs for life and then expect them to care. If you want judges that reflect sage wisdom and not the morays of 60 years ago then limit their time on the court. Twenty years should be good enough to get the job done without losing touch with the world around them. Plus that would make the court more alive and in keeping with the people in the real world.

Here is a simple plan:
Senators - two six year terms for a total of twelve years
Representatives - four two year terms for a total of eight years
Justices - one twenty year term per court (an up or out policy).

This would send these career politicians back to the working world and make them live with their choices.

I am sure that many will debate the need for stability and that Term Limits would upset the balance of power, but isn't that what we want. I for one want a government of the people and by the people and not one of political elitist that tell us how things are going to be. I look to Minnesota and their willingness to toss out the politicos and elect a wrestler. He didn't do a bad job and when he left office he returned to the private sector. Sure there will be mistakes along the way, but they would have to face re-election and failing that they would be asked to leave at the Term Limit. I must say that this has worked very well with Presidents, so why not give it a try with those he has to work with.

If you don't agree let me know!

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