Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oil Crisis II...

The political will for major change in our energy policy is now here and those, like Obama, who don't get it need to rethink their positions. To quote FDR, “this great nation calls for action and action now” on the energy issue. What has been a back-burner problem now has moved onto center stage and McCain has put himself in the forefront.

The Democratic ambivalence stems from liberal concerns about climate change. The Party basically doesn't believe in carbon based energy and, therefore, opposes oil exploration. That's why Obama pushes the windfall profits tax on oil companies - a step that tells them “you drill, you find oil, and we'll take away your profits.” But Americans have their priorities in order: more oil, more drilling AND alternative energy sources, flex-fuel cars, plug in vehicles and nuclear power.

With his willingness to respond to the gas price crisis with bold measures, McCain shows himself to be a pragmatist while Obama comes off as an ideologue to puts climate change ahead of making it possible for the average American to get to work.

Of course, the high price of gas makes it inevitable that the US will lead the world in fighting climate change. With $5 gas, Americans will switch en masse to cars that burn less gasoline. Already we have cut our oil consumption by 500,000 barrels a day in the past year (about a 3% cut). The move away from oil will be exponential from here on out, dooming radical Islam and reversing climate change at the same time. But while we are getting new cars, we need more oil and McCain has flanked Obama on this issue. Big time.
By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

Democratic Party leaders in Congress ridiculously oppose even basic deep water exploration. With all of this, Congress wonders why 3 out of 4 Americans disapprove of them. If politicians in Washington had any shame at all they would apologize for the absurd mess they’ve made over the years, resign en masse and promise never to darken our doorstep again. They should feel lucky… If this were Japan we’d be demanding seppuku.
By Tammy Bruce

It should not come as any surprise that the pundits are falling all over themselves to talk about the current said state of affairs that this country is in due to our poor leadership. What they say is true about America being ready for a change and that we disapprove of how Congress is handling things, but to say that McCain now gets it and Obama doesn't isn't even close to right. McCain may have flopped on drilling and still follows the bad science of global warming, but I'm not sure he is the banner bearer for energy independence. That isn't to say that it is Obama by any stretch of the imagination.

It is "we the people" that must keep pushing these Politicians to keep our interests in mind and not their own. The only reason that McCain flopped on drilling is that it was the best thing for his campaign for President and had very little to do with his strong and wise will. It is the American public cries that have changed the Politicians minds and nothing else. Obama still hasn't gotten it yet and if he doesn't wise up soon his chance of becoming President will disappear.

The pundits do have it right that we are looking for any solution that we can find to reduce this latest oil crisis effect on our lives, but the future demands that we don't forget the pain we feel now and make lasting change. This is the lesson that we should have learned in the 70's, but we were fooled by low oil prices and gave up on all those alternative energies and fuel efficient cars. We must not let ourselves be fooled again, which the current crisis stabilizes.

We must demand that our government invest in alternative energies and raise the fuel standards. We must not sell the oil refined in this country to Mexico. We must not let oil companies "splash and go" our bio-fuel to Europe. We must strategically plan for the future with wind, solar, nuclear, and clean coal. We should protect ourselves from poor environmental practices, but not stop pushing for energy freedom regardless of the price of oil.

If you feel differently let me know.

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