Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New to the game.

I am new to the blogging game, but since I am a sub guy I am full of stuff to say. I hope that anyone that reads this will feel free to comment on anything I say. I will be blogging about anything that crosses my very opinionated mind.

I have served on 7 submarines and spent a year in the Big Sandbox (plank owner JCCS-1). Plus, I have been influenced by a lot of other stuff that may or may not add to my strong opinions.

I also have a wonderful mixed up family, which also provides fodder for this blog. I love all my children, but like all children they drive me and the wife crazy.

The current burrs under my saddle are the Air Force and the up coming Presidential election. The Air Force makes my job harder everyday and the election just shows how stupid we can be.

So as I begin this journey, I hope you will come along and join the fun.

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