Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lots of Random Thoughts

I must say that there is a lot to talk about today.

On the election front, Dr. James Dobson has a bone to pick with Obama. He feels slighted by Obama's radical views on religion, but why should his views surprise anyone. I've said it before and I guess it requires repeating, Obama sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years so is his "fruitcake interpretation" any wonder. Obama shows his willingness to sell this country's Christian heritage down the river of tolerance, which refuses to tolerate the moral foundation set down in the Constitution.

The Oil Crisis, John Merline an editorial writer for USA Today is advocating letting the consumer battle the current "crisis" by using their good sense. The politicians haven't fixed a thing in thirty years, so why should be expect them to start now. We the people have already started driving less, buying more fuel efficient cars, riding public transportation, and moving closer to work. We will weather this latest "crisis", but lets hope that we don't forget the pain and make lasting changes. We must force the elected government to do their job and make us energy independent by 2050, for my green brethren out there this will greatly reduce greenhouse gases along the way.

President Bush, David Brooks writing in the NYT discusses the Bush Paradox, where the President finally got one right with the Surge. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw where this article was published. How dare the NYT actually print such truth and understanding on how things are going in Iraq. I am sure that Mr. Brooks was speaking with tongue in cheek, but the message was still loud and clear that things are better in Iraq, since the surge started. Of course this causes the leftist to change their position once again and rail against the President on his measures of success. It isn't good enough that violence is down and that the government is actually starting to work, they claim that the requirements are now flawed and we are still losing. I am not saying that there isn't a long way to good, but lets at least acknowledge how far we've come in the last 18 months.

On a new topic altogether, Dr. Yvonne KristĂ­n Fulbright the FOX Sexpert brought up a very interesting point about how we dress our kids. The wife and I have discussed this matter several times as we pass through the children's section of any retail store. If we dress our three year olds like mini-streetwalkers is there any wonder that society sees them as such or as they grow older act as such. That isn't to say that they must wear a berka, but we have responsibility to ensure that our kids dress age appropriately. We are the parents and we need to act like it. Kids need boundaries and guidance, you are not there best friends or pals. When they are grown and have kids of their own then you can be friends, but along the way you set the limits not them.

If you disagree let me hear it.

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