Monday, June 30, 2008

Gen. Clark and Sen. McCain


You are a disgrace to the uniform and I am horrified that you feel the need to blacken the reputation of a fine American. It is sad to see you angling for a VP slot by climbing on the back of a true patriot. Your candidate has no military experience and no executive experience either, so you should keep you opinions to yourself on the topic of Sen. McCain's qualifications unless there is a true comparison to be made like leadership in the Senate or service to this country.

To his credit Sen. McCain has only said that your comments were sad, which is completely true and hasn't questioned your true motivations as I am sure that many others will. You sold your reputation down the river in hopes of political gain for yourself. This is not in the fine tradition of service and sacrifice that is expected for a military leader. I would wonder why if you were so lucky to get on the ticket anyone with any military background would vote for you. You who are so willing to through a fellow veteran under the bus of your political assperations.

I know that General will not respond to this, but if you feel differently let me hear it.

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